Monday, October 22, 2018
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Why did the martyr’s wife raise this step

guest teacher protest karnal

Regarding the general public and the employees, they continue to perform rage and protest. But today a very tragic incident took place in Karnal city of Haryana. Haryana’s CM city Karnal today witnessed heavy rage against the Haryana government. Guest teachers working for more than ten years in Haryana have shown fury against their demands. The guest teachers had been in the city of Karnal for the same work and demand for equal work equal pay and permanent employment. The guest teachers working on contract basis shouted slogans against the government for their demands.

Who is that lady guest teacher

In this protest against Govt of Haryana, a female guest teacher performed her fury after having her child shaved. Shaving a woman in such a way is a bad incident to the entire society. Knowing this will hurt you too that the woman is the wife of a martyr. She is a handicapped woman and she has a child who is not completely healthy. The government had already been told about this fury performance but the government did not make any effort to stop this protest. These incidents of embarrassment to the society due to the insensitivity of the Government of Haryana happened.

guest teacher protest karnal

What did the Haryana government

The whole incident was in the eyes of Chief Minister, Haryana Government and officials. But the Haryana Government introduced its insensitivity and this shameful decrease has reduced. Between the claims of development, a widow of a martyr got her own and her child’s shaved and demanded employment. What is happening like this that is forcing a divine widow of a martyr to be shaved? This proves that governments only make hollow claims. The promises made at the time of polling work in the eyes of the public. Government should consider this direction.

Soldiers are the pride of our country, such incidents with their family are unfortunate, the government should take appropriate steps in this direction.