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What Sapna says about Salman Khan

what sapna say about salman khan

Haryana’s Dancer Sapna Chaudhary, who has been a participant of Big Boss-11, answered the questions in an interview with the News-18 channel. After coming out of Bigg Boss house news comes to the entry of Bollywood. The news of their item number is also coming. Sapna Chaudhary introduced intelligentity by giving accurate answers to every question. These questions were asked by dream.

Big boss to get out of the house?

After leaving Big Boss’s house, Sapna Chaudhary is focusing on his film career.   Why did these bindaas and bold dancer of Haryana not perform according to the expectations of the Big Boss house and Salman’s expectations? The Sapna Chaudhary was answered and said, ‘I have overcome to all participants. We North Indian has silent bombs. Do not speak quickly, but when someone teasing them, they do not leave. I did the same. “Sapna said that the reason for the Big Boss coming out of the house was not based on his home, she said that she had no regrets that he had come out of the house.

Keep Security Guard?

Sapna considers security guards as god. In the house of Big Boss, there is a question about the Sapna’s security. Sapna said, Security guards protect them and join them emotionally. Sapna said that the day I went to the Big Boss house, all the security guards cried. They say, security guards are like God for celebrity. They live with us for 24 hours. Their debt cannot be lowered.what sapna say about salman khan

Is Sapna a obscen artist?

Sapna Chaudhary says that I am working for them, who I see, I like. These are people sitting alone who do evil of others’ work. I dance, so many people see me smiling. I laugh so many people. Those who say that there is obscenity in the songs of the dream. Those people probably do not know the meaning of obscenity. Many people do my evil but later come to photograph with me.

About Salman?

Salman used to insult everyone, but never gave me a reply. The experience of the Big Boss-11 has been fantastic. The people of Haryana are like this, do not lose the joy of winning or lose gum. He is very good with heart. They are hosting, they cannot be blamed. I am happy that I came out of there, I could not stay there.

Way to Mumbai’s ?

Sapna Chaudhary is excited about his career, she is seeing immense possibilities for himself in Mumbai. In an interview given to the channel, she said that everyone is afraid of Mumbai. Everyone feels that it is difficult to stay there. This fear was also inside me. But I was scared of going to Big Boss’s house. The people of Mumbai are very good.

Political career ?

On the question of his political shift, Sapna said that she will not come into politics right now. However, many major political parties are also trying to bring the dream into politics and Sapna is in contact with the main political parties.

Do not get married right now?

Sapna is not in the mood to marry now. He said there is no hasty marriage, but Mummy wants me to marry.

Item Song in Veere di Wedding

During the interview, Sapna told that she is singing an item in Kareena Kapoor’s short film Veere di Wedding, after the Big Boss came out of the house, the Sapna got many offers. She wants to work with Randeep Hooda, Sunny Deol, Subhai Ghai and Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

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