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Principal shot and killed by a student

Principal shot and killed by a student of 10+2 class

Haryana: A painful and bursting incident happened in Yamuna Nagar city of Haryana. This incident in Swami Vivekananda School, a private school located in Thapar Colony of Yamuna Nagar, will shock everyone’s mind. School’s lady Principal shot and killed by a student of 10+2 class. Student fires three bullets, the woman, who was wounded with bullets, breathed her last almost two hours after the incident. According to the student, he got torchered by the principal and shot them.

This incident took place today at 11.30 pm on Saturday 20th, 2018 at the Swami Vivekanad School of Yamuna Nagar.

The accused student tried to flee, but the people caught the student due to the noise of the peon of the school. After the incident, the accused student tried to flee from school. When the accused ran out of school, the peon of the school yelled and followed him. The peon made the voice to catch the accused student.

– As the exit from the school, the peon and the surrounding people caught the accused and beat them fiercely. There have been injuries in several places due to beating the accused student too.

How did the accused student execute the incident?

At the time of incident, Ritu Chhabra, the principal of Swami Vivekananda School, was in her room. The student entered the principal’s room and ran three bullets, which took place on the arm, shoulder and face of the woman. As soon as the bullet hit him, he fell down and the accused students ran towards outside the school. Running around him caught the people and fired very furiously.

Why did the accused students run the bullets?

– The accused student told that the principal tortured him, causing distress to him. SHO city Om Prakash said that the accused has arrested. So far, it has not been revealed that where the gun came from the accused student.