Monday, October 22, 2018
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King Khan under the cover of the IT Department

King Khan of Bollywood has come under the cover of the Income Tax Department. The Income Tax Department has sent a notice to Shahrukh Khan in the case of anonymity. It is alleged that Shahrukh Khan had purchased land for farming in the Alibag town of Raigarh district, on which Shahrukh Khan has made a farm house without permission. This farm house, named after Deja Woo Farms, on the Arabian Sea, spreads to 19960 square meters.

Farm house can be auctioned

The Income Tax department has issued notice to Shahrukh Khan. Sharukh Khan will have to respond to the notice within 90 days. A bunglow can be auctioned if the notice is not answered and a criminal case can be lodged against Shahrukh Khan.

Whose name is farmhouse

The department has found in the investigation that Shahrukh is using this property but this property is not on his name. Therefore, under section 2 (9) of the Anonymous property, they have been asked to send a notice and reply. The complainant, Surender Dhawle, has alleged that the swimming pool and private helipad have also been built in the farmhouse without permission. They have alleged that Shahrukh Khan has made a new bungalow in the name of repair, its price is currently being estimated at Rs 14.6 crore, but its actual price can be 5 times higher than that.

Bungalow made for party

Although Shahrukh Khan lives in Mumbai, Alibag’s bungalow has special significance for Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh Khan often comes to enjoy party and vacations in this bungalow. Shahrukh Khan celebrated his 51st birthday in this bungalow. Birthday event lasted three days. Shahrukh Khan had enjoyed this program with family members and friends.Income tax notice to King Khan

May cause complications from Jayant Patil

No one can be allowed to do illegal construction, but often the influential people escape. In the birthday celebration of Shahrukh last year, the same Alibag bungalow was entangled with Maharashtra’s MLC Jayant Patil and there was a fiercely debate among them. A video of which was also revealed.

Last year Shahrukh Khan’s production house Red Chillies canteen broke by BMC. The BMC had described it as an illegal construction. Shahrukh has been charged with illegal construction on his Mumbai bungalow “Mannat”.