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God, Sex and Truth Trailer Released

god sex and truth

Director of Ramgopal Varma’s upcoming movie “God Sex and Truth” trailer has been released. As soon as the trailer is released, it is becoming viral on social media and on the Internet. American porn star Mia Malkova is working in the film. Mia is talking about her sx in Desire. Also, it seems that women’s body is not a men’s property. After Sunny Leone, Mia is the second porn star who is working in Bollywood.

Through this film, porn star Mia Malakova is making her Bollywood debut for the first time. His bold looks are seen in the trailer. Looking at the nude in the trailer, Mia is telling the sxual desires of a woman by the statements of great figures.

In the trailer, the quotes of one of the big celebrities have been included, which have different opinions about sx. Including Henri Miller, Woody Allen and Marilyn Monroe.

In the trailer, Mia has been shown wearing curtains from another world’s mysteries related to the life of a woman. Classical music has been used in the background of the trailer.

Ramgopal wrote while writing a trailer on Twitter: “The God, Sex and Truth” trailer release, in which Mia Malkova is. The whole film will be released on January 26 ie Republic Day at 9 a.m. The music is of Mm Karim in the video. Let’s say that God, Sx and Truth is neither a movie, nor a short movie nor a web series, but rather a video in which Mia Malkova is just talking about sex that it is for her What do you mean

This is not the first time that Ram Gopal Varma is coming up with adult content. Before that, he has also released the bold web series ‘Guns and Thais’.

Ram Gopal Varma tweeted, “It was a good experience of his life to shoot it. I never worked with Sunny Leone, but I can never forget the experience of shooting God, Sex and Truth. ”