Monday, October 22, 2018
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Example of brotherhood


Nowadays, social brotherhood is on the verge of breaking down, which is seen to kill the other caste, religion and community for its caste, religion and community. But the truth is that such people are in very few in the society. The common man likes to live with brotherly brotherhood and harmony. But the promotion of evil is done very quickly, so the environment is looks bad.communalism-vs-brotherhood/

Between the people who created the poison in the name of caste and religion, There are many such precedence today, who become harsh stomachs in the mouth of those who spread rage. A similar example is made in Jind district of Haryana. The family of Jat Samaj of Jajavan village of Jind district of Haryana has established a new dimension of brotherhood by performing rituals in a marriege of Balmiki society. This is called the real example of brotherhood.

Kelo Devi  resides in the Jajavan village of Jind district, from the Balmiki community, the poor Kelo Devi runs her family by working in the homes of others. Her daughter’s marriage was decided on Monday 28th January 2018. According to the custom of society, in the marriage, some rituals are played known as bhaat. According to custom, Kello went to his village to give an invitation to Bhaat. Kelo’s parents have died and she has no real brother. The uncle of Kało Devi and the family of Tau had refused to come to the marriage for Bhaat.

Kelo Devi Jajwan village works as a clean sweep at Rohtas Chahal’s house, living near Patiala Chowk of Jind. One day when Kela Devi started crying while working, Rohtas’s wife asked her the reason for crying, and Kelo Devi told all the things.

Rohtas’s wife promissed to Kelo Devi to becomes Bhaati on the occasion of marriage of her daughter, Rohtash Chahal and his family played all the ritual rituals in the form of Kailo Devi’s brother. Rohtash’s family paid Rs 3100 in the plate, Rs 1100 in Kanyadan and 2100 rupees in the form of Bhaat.

Kelo Devi is grateful to the Bhat filled with Rohtash at the marriage of her daughter, this work of Rohtas Chahal is being appreciated all over and congratulations are given to his to establish the example of brotherhood.