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Common Wealth Games 2018 : Day fifth

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India has been consistently performing in the Commonwealth Games. In the Commonwealth Games, which started from April 5, 2018 in Gold Coast, Indian players have consistently performed 19 medals so far. In the medal table on the fifth day of Commonwealth Games, India is third in the evening by Indian time. The first place in the medal table is Australia and England in second place.

On Monday, Jitu Rai, Om Mitharwal and Apurvi Chandela won the gold medal in shooting and weight lifter Pradeep Singh won silver medal. In Badminton wins the gold medal for men’s team as well as mixed team event.

2 medals in 10 meter air pistol, Jitu made record

– In this category, Jitu Rai scores 49.7 and 100.4 in Stage-1. With the Stage-2 Elimination, a score of 235.1 was achieved. It records in Commonwealth Games.

Om remained second to 20 shots

– Om Mitharwal scored 49.0 and 98.1 in Stage 1.

– They stayed second to 20 shots. He had to satisfy Bronze Medal.

Mehuli losses shoot off gold

In this category of women, Mehuli Ghosh scored 51.8 and 102.8 in Stage-1. At Stage-2 elimination, She was number three on the 17th shot.

– After the final shot Mehuli and Martina scored 247.2

– Mehuli could score a score of 9.9 in the shoot-off, while Martina got the score of 10.3 and got the name of gold. Due to being behind only 4 points, Mehuli’s share came to silver medal.

Apuravi made the qualification Commonwealth Games record

– Earlier, Apuravi made the Commonwealth Games record in qualifying. She shot 423.2 to break the record of his own Commonwealth Games with 415.6 points.

Pradeep won silver in weightlifting

– Pradeep Singh raised 352 (152 in snatch and 200 in clean and jerk) kg in 105 kg category.

– Samoa’s Saneili Mao won gold in this category. He weighed 360 kg (154 in snatch and 206 in clean and jerk)

Bronze came in the part of England’s Oven Boxale. He weighed 351 (152 in the snatch and 199 in clean and jerk) kg.

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