Monday, October 22, 2018
Edit YouTube Monetization Policy 2018

YouTube Monetization Policy 2018

The internet world is full of immense possibilities. There are many ways to earn money from internet, but Youtube has been the most popular way. Many people are reducing money from Youtube. But February month of February is bringing a bad news for yutuber. YouTube has annotated YouTube Monetization Policy 2018. Earning from Yutube will be a bit difficult since February 2018. Yutuber will have to work a bit more to increase its income. By the year 2106, the youth used to monetize any channel; very few veiws and subscription channels could also earn from the Youtube. From the year 2017, Youtube has changed the policy, which will be able to apply for the same channel monetization which will cross ten thousand views.  In the year 2017, Youtube has changed its policy regarding Creative Common videos. Now you can not use Creative Common videos on your channel without permission from Owner.  In order to

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